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Thanks for a good Bake Sale!

We couldn't afford the speedboat as a prize
Our prize mug with our photograph of the Bluenose sailing past a rose bush in Port George.
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Thank you, everybody who volunteered or came to the bake sale yesterday!
We made exactly 800 dollars.
Ten people entered the baking competition, which was judged by Carman Kerr and Fuzzy Connell. I think they enjoyed themselves!
  • 1st Prize: Julie Barrett.
  • 2nd Prize: The Edelweiss Inn
  • Joint 3rd Prize: Kyla Rae and Marian Pietersma
The raffle was won by Jessica Daigle, 2nd prize was Cindy Noble. Donna will be calling them soon!
Thanks to Carman and Fuzzy, and also thanks to Sondy and Eddie Ray (of Greenwood Tim Horton’s) for the donation of the coffee and cups.
There were very few leftovers, and the few things that were left went to the food bank.

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I am small and I don't eat much.

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